About Us

We hold within the fabric of our DNA, the essence of the great majestic Kingdoms of the African continent. We are the glorious and tumultuous past. We are the challenging times of the present. We are the dynamic, positive force of the future.

Throughout the millennia we have thrived and survived in spite of great adversity.  

We walk through creation and embrace the genetic memory of our ancestors, to guide us with our heads held high, and take our rightful place in the world. We empower and uplift ourselves and others. We integrate power and nurturing, firmness and caring, courage and creativity, self-affirmation and self-actualisation.

Between the world of imagination and the world of action, the African King and the African Queen inspire every man, woman and child to take up their own sceptre, with inner wisdom and outer passion to make our dreams a reality.

Our newest clothing range pays homage to some of the greatest African Queens who ever lived - Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt, Queen Nzinga of Angola, Queen Nandi of South Africa, Queen of Sheba, Makeda of Ethiopia, Queen Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana and the High Priestess Ambuya Nehanda of Zimbabwe 

We also honour some the legendary African Kings - Shabaka of Ancient Egypt, King Shaka of South Africa, Selassie I of Ethiopia, Mansa Musa and Keita of Mali and Menelik II of Ethiopia.


Wear with pride.